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Plans Under Review

You can find different documents undergoing public comment on this webpage. The typical length of public comment is 30 days for many transportation documents.

Bicycle Plan 2018

The Bicycle Plan will be undergoing public involvement in March 2018. You can find a copy of the document here:

2018 Bicycle Plan Draft

Be on the lookout here for public involvement meeting locations and times.


Metropolitan Transportation Plan and Transportation Improvement Program

The MTP and TIP under go four different amendment processes per year, and the whole process lasts a little over two months. The scheduled amendment date takes place on the same dates every year, and those dates include February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, and November 1st. However, the amendments to either the MTP and TIP processes must start at least 2 months before the amendment date.

A couple of months before the amendment date, the MPO works with local transportation agencies to see if there are changes to projects on the MTP or TIP that they would like to inform us about, such as the cost of a project. The MPO then makes the changes to the document, and presents the documents with changes to the public. You can find the draft of those documents here. 

These documents begin going through public involvement for 30 days, and conclude on the day of the Technical Advisory Committee meeting prior to the amendment date. 

Public Involvement of 2017 -2020 TIP & 2015 - 2040 MTP 

Summary of TIP & MTP Amendments / 2015-2040 MTP Amendment #9 / 2017-2020 TIP Amendment #4

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The Transit TIP is undergoing Public Involvement for November Revisions. Click here to access the Transit TIP Amendment #4 Draft, and click here for a Summary of Changes of the Transit TIP Amendment #4.