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Public Meetings for 2013-2016 TIP and 2010-2035 MTP Amendments
| Posted 12/11/2012

As part of the 30-day public involvement process, the Hidalgo County Metropolitan Planning Organization (HCMPO) and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) are giving notice of amendments to the FY 2013-2016 TIP and the 2010-2035 MTP. View TIP/MTP Amendments Public Meetings Flyer| En Español

Approved Final Bicycle Plan
| Posted 08/20/2012
Hidalgo County MPO is proud to present the Final Bicycle Plan approved by the Transportation Policy Committee on August 16,2012. View Final Approved Bicylcle Plan

Bicycle Plan Public Involvement Survey Results
| Posted 08/17/2012

Hidalgo County MPO as part of Bicycle plan involvement provided an online survey listing 10 questions asking the public about their involvement and concerns on bicycle usage. Survey responses have been tallied and can be viewed in the following summary link. View the Results

Bicycle Plan Public Involvement Meetings
| Posted 07/02/2012

Hidalgo County MPO is in the process of updating their Bicycle Plan. Public Involvement Meetings will be held on July 12th, July 19th and August 2nd. For more information: Poster (English) Poster (Spanish)
View the draft: DRAFT PLAN

Bike/Ped Task Force | Posted 08/02/2012
The Bike / Ped Task Force of HCMPO is having it's next meeting on Monday, August 6th, 2012 starting 6:30 pm.
Location Pharr Chamber of Commerce - 308 West Park Avenue For information on Cyclist Rights.. AGENDA

Employment Opportunity
| Posted 06/06/2012
Hidalgo County MPO in conjunction with the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council [LRGVDC] is advertising for the position of: GIS Specialist. click on JOB DECRIPTION . APPLICATION

Rio Grande Valley Hurricane Evacuation Route
| Posted 04/05/2012
The time to be prepared and make evacuation plans is NOW. Be aware of Hurrican Evacuation Routes (TxDOT) and select a Route for you and your family. Valley Evacuation Route . Depending upon your location you can also chart out your own Alternate Evacuation Route. Click on ALTERNATIVE Routes

Driven By Texans
| Posted 07/25/2011

I-69 [Texas] will move people, freight and goods. In the last decade, Counties along I - 69 grew by 23 % and account for 8 million residents [1/3rd of Texas population]. To know more, click on INFO .

Census Data Changes Valley's Top 10 Cities | Posted 03/09/2010
Source: News Articles in a) ValleyCentral.com     b) The Monitor

According to the US Census 2010, Rio Grande Valley has a new pecking order. The Top 10 Cities in the Valley has now changed, with three cities from Hidalgo County growing in excess of 50% decadal growth (2000-2010).
(Top 10 Cities in the RGV )

As a whole Hidalgo County grew to approx. 775,000 residents, making it the eighth populous County in Texas. The western part of Hidalgo County was the growth engine owing to master-planned developments and comparatively lower property tax rates. The interesting pattern idenitified is the greater than double growth rates for cities surrounding McAllen (22%), with Pharr registering 51 %, Edinburg (57.8 %) and Mission (67.8 %). To read more on the article: Click You can also download a map depicting Decadal Percentage Growth in Density

New 2010 Census Data Released | Posted 12/30/2010